Gisela Pérez de Acha is a journalist focused on data, digital verification and investigative reporting. Gisela is a trained human rights lawyer with master's degree from the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley where she teaches cybersecurity for reporters with the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity. In addition, Gisela is an open source researcher at the Human Rights Center Investigations Lab, and a member of Amnesty International's Digital Verification Corps, a network of more than 100 volunteers at six global universities who fact-check social media posts regarding war crimes and grave human rights violations across the world. She has specialized in Internet studies and the politics of Latin America for over a decade. Born and raised in Mexico, Gisela speaks fluent Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.


INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE: Online freedom of association and internet infrastructure


A socio-technical investigation on the relationship between the Internet architecture and the human right to freedom of association

BOOK: How the Internet Really Works in Mexico  (Spanish)


A deep dive into the legal and technical ramifications of online human rights in Mexico

RESEARCH PAPER: Digital Gender Gap in Mexico.


A substantive analysis on women's practices around technology in Mexico.


How bots pushed the conversation against the Migrant Caravan. Data visualization news piece into alt-right trolls, hate speech and polarization on Twitter. Expected December 2020.


Using Artificial Intelligence and Satellite Imagery to Find Mass Graves in Mexico. Expected December 2020.

Algorithmic Burying: the role of Facebook and Archiving Human Rights Abuses in Syria. The White Helmets Facebook page and challenge that human rights researchers face when trying to retrieve past content.

Expected July 2020.

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